Full-service optimization consulting

Want to generate more customers and leads from your existing marketing channels? I'll help you determine which parts of your conversion funnel are underperforming, find the highest impact areas to focus on, and devise a program for continuous marketing optimization that turns traffic into high value customers. Most importantly, I'll help you focus on implementing changes with the greatest potential for impact, and validate these ideas using a scientific method of A/B and multivariate testing.

Who I work with?

My CRO program follows a rapid testing methodology to ensure I can deliver the most value possible. Ideally, you have a high traffic site (minimum 40-50k+ visitors / month), believe in making data-driven decisions, and are able to move fast (meaning minimal corporate hurdles). I've worked with companies ranging from SaaS companies looking for more subscribers, e-commerce sites aiming to improve add-to-cart or checkout performance, marketing communities looking to build their membership base, and more.

A no-BS approach to growth

As a seasoned CRO professional with a track record of delivering results, I know what it takes to build and maintain a world class conversion optimization program. Here are some reasons you will be in good hands if you work with me:

  • Start with the Customer – I have an extensive background in customer research. I aim to fully understand why your visitors are not taking your desired action and use these insights to provide clear and persuasive messaging at the right points in the customer journey.

  • Test for Impact – I want to deliver serious results. With access to my deep knowledge of persuasive copywriting, UX, and conversion triggers, you won't have to waste time and resources running tests that don't have a high chance of winning.

  • Relentlessly Iterate – Success in this game requires lots of smart testing. I'll set up and run a high-tempo testing program based on insights (not random guesswork), create a prioritized backlog of quality test ideas, and continuously run tests to maximize your success rate (and also demonstrate the value of my services).

  • Use the Best Talent Around – When it comes to executing test ideas, I only work with top designers and HTML/CSS/JavaScript engineers who can create and implement complex tests with speed, agility, and elegance. Although many of my clients have exceptional in-house talent as well, using my own team ensures rapid testing can be achieved without conflicting priorities, which inevitably slow things down (clients also like that their developers can stay focused on their existing product backlog).

What you'll get

  • Analytics Tune-ups – I ensure analytics and tracking tools are properly implemented and that your data is telling you the complete picture of what's happening in your funnel.

  • Conversion Marketing Research – I implement customer surveys and other research tools to uncover visitor objections, learn the voice of the customer, and understand how your customers buy, and what drives their behavior.

  • Test Ideation – I craft a list of test ideas that's custom-tailored for your business and prioritized based on factors like impact, probability of success, and ease of implementation.

  • An Agile Process – I ensure tests are run iteratively, and follow a lean process with a focus on quality and speed of execution.

  • Complete Test Development – I base all test designs on evidence and insights, not gut feeling. I also make sure that they positively reflect your brand. Tests are coded, thoroughly QA'd, and implemented using your company's preferred A/B testing framework (no need to put a burden on your company's precious engineering time – let me get it done for you).

Ready to collaborate on growth?

By now you should have a sense if I would be a good match for your company and what I can deliver for you. If you're interested in learning more, please contact me so we can discuss your needs in detail and build a program purpose-built for your business.